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Ethereum: basics 1

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Download the Full BlockChain, epoch by epoch

Download Ethereum Blockchain - Epoch 9

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Basics: Epoch 9: Explore the blockchain

Blockchain Explorers

There are different websites that let to explore the block chain, as you have seen in the previous pages.
One of our preferred explorers is EtherScan.
Search around this website, you can search by address, by block, by transaction, by token (we will speak about tokens in next pages).
Navigate the menu to explore the site.
In the below part you can see last mined blocks and relative informations.

Local exploring

If you want, you can also explore the blockchain with your own client; remember that if it's not synced, you'll receive wrong / undefined / partial information.
To use your node for statistical purposes, you need to launch it as a JSON-RPC Endpoint.
We will see this in the detail in the future.


There are a lot of other statistical websites with very interesting features. Here a short list of useful sites:

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