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Ethereum: basics 1

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Download the Full BlockChain, epoch by epoch

Download Ethereum Blockchain - Epoch 6

Donate at  0x57f64f50ab0510650b551ec2cb7c7f5d6c7271a5
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Basics: Epoch 6: Accounts and addresses

The addresses

An address is a 160 bits (20 bytes, represented by 40 hexadecimal digits) string, which maps an account.
One of my addresses, for example is 0x57f64f50ab0510650b551ec2cb7c7f5d6c7271a5
If you want you can make a donation :)
You can check the balance of every address in every moment, it's public and it can be obtained from the blockchain:
Check mudra.cloud donations address balance

The balance

An important thing to understand is that an account / address is not stored in the block chain.
So its balance is obtained summing all in and out transactions, which cointain the address.
For this reason, if your local block chain is not totally synced, you will see only the balances at the moment of the highest local block number you have stored.
If you make a transaction in block 4000001, but your local wallet is synced at 4000000, you will not see the result of the transaction until you don't download and validate the next block.

The account

With a particular contract's transaction, an account can be created. The account has a single address related to it.
Its balance is given from the transactions on the block chain state.
An account can also have EVM Code and Storage Stage, but these more complex objects can be empty in a simple account intended only for transactions and balance.

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