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Ethereum: basics 1

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Download the Full BlockChain, epoch by epoch

Download Ethereum Blockchain - Epoch 5

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Basics: Epoch 5: The Block

The block

A generic block B is identified by an incremental natural number ID.
The block chain is built block by block, through an operation called mining.
Nodes perfoming mining are called miners, and they receive a reward for their work.
A block is made up by 3 parts:
B = BH + BT + BU

  • B is the block
  • BH is the header of the block
  • BT is the series of transactions comprised in this block
  • BU is the set of headers of ommer blocks

How to explore the blocks

There are a lot of block explorers where you can see all the infos cointained in every block.
For example you can see the infos about block 3333333 here:
Etherscan block explorer - block 3333333
Take a look at what is shown; we will explain these data in the detail in the next pages.

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