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Ethereum: basics 1

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Basics: Epoch 13: The Block Structure

Block Header in details

As we already explained in Basics: The block, a block is made by three parts:
B = BH + BT + BU

  • B is the block
  • BH is the header of the block
  • BT is the series of transactions comprised in this block
  • BU is the set of headers of ommer blocks
In the block structure are computed all the transaction receipts for the current block.
Every valid receipt is recorded in the tre identified by the "receiptsRoot" of the header.
A valid transaction receipt has four parts:
R = Rs + Rg + Rl + Rb
  • R is the receipt
  • Rs is the post-transaction state
  • Rg is the gas (the cumulative gas of the block at this point, plus the one of this receipt)
  • Rl is the log for this transaction
  • Bb is the Bloom filter for the logs Bl (see header)

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